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how to make a study plan?

What is a study plan?

A study plan is the actual roadmap to study well and score well.

For most students, the most difficult part of education is the actual studying.

Typically, there is so much material to study that students begin to procrastinate, putting off studying until the previous night of final exam.

After a late-night cram session, students arrive at the exam tired and feeling dazed by the sheer amount of information they’ve tried to absorb.

The easiest way to study for an exam, and avoid the cram sessions, is to make a study plan.

What are the Benefits of a Study Plan?

A Study Plan helps:

You plan ahead

You learn how to take an activate roll in studying

You establish a regular study routine

You develop specific goals, time management skills

You locate study materials and resources

You save time

You to score high marks

What are the steps in making a study plan

Define Content Areas: List the most important content areas to be studied the period of study plan.

Determine Strengths & Weaknesses: Identify your strengths and weaknesses in each content area.

Identify Resources Available: Identify books, courses and other resources you plan to use for each content area.

Develop a Schedule: Create and commit to a schedule that provides for regular study periods.

Study with Others: Join a study group and prepare with others and plan for some model test for your group.

Review Score Reports: Review your score report, discuss it with your academic advisor, and target areas for additional study.

How to execute study plan

Once you have set up study times and assigned material to them, it is time to study. When reading textbooks, take notes on the information. With lecture notes, write notes in the margin. Use a highlighter. The idea is to make key information readily available for review. In addition, making notes and looking up ideas to supplement notes reinforces the material in your mind. Quiz yourself as you finish each area you are studying to determine what you still need to review.

Study plans are as unique as the person making them. The most effective study plan will take into account your schedule, the times each day when you are able to study without interruption, and the amount of material that needs reviewed. By spreading out the study times and breaking up the information, you make it easier to absorb and retain the necessary material before the exam.



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how to make a study plan?

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